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Villa Cesarea Spa


 Wellness Center located in a beautiful and classic noble villa of the early ‘900, completely renovated, but still retaining the charm and elegance of its original structure. Situated in the center of Santa Cesarea Terme, Via Roma n. 14 Caesarea Villa Spa is nestled in a lush garden and has a beautiful sea view.

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FLORILANDA: the emotions, colours and flowers land, linked to the legends and miracles of  timeless people.This is the “salentina” Peninsula in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, a land rich in history and traditions offering its visitor both atmospheres and perfumes to be kept in their heart forever. Florilanda was also the name of a girl coming from Salento (South Italy) who evokes a sad love legend.They say that during the XVIth century, a period devastated by continuous pirates’ attacks, the coastal towers were watched by drilled soldiers. Among them there was a sturdy young man whose name was Flavio. He fell in love with Florilanda, a beautiful poor young girl. They finally got married. On Whitsunday, also known as Roses’ Easter, the young wife ardently desired to see her husband who was in duty at the Old Tower. Together with some of her companions, they went to the tower where Florilanda met her husband and they heartily hugged in a timeless embrace ignoring her companions’ calling her for coming back home at nightfall.When Florilanda decided to return home in the darkness of the night she lost her way in the reeds and inadvertently turned her steps towards the tower she was coming from.
In the dark a strange noise was heard and Flavio, suspicious, after saying “halt!”, he killed the mysterious figure in the night.
Some other soldiers suddenly rushed with their torches and right then, Flavio realized his tragic mistake.He lifted his darling’s lifeless body and put it on a boat. He held the oars and they disappeared together below the horizon. On Whitsunday, according to the tale, a couple of white seagulls circles around the tower and then at daybreak they fly away towards the infinite sea. People identify the two seagulls with Flavio and Florilanda.Nowadays, in fact, seagulls are the only ones warning the towers.

Terme e natura

Terme e natura


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A dream of entrepreneurial success, linked at the Baths Italian and the beneficial effects of their thermal waters, which in 25 years of success has reached a level of  higt quality .The innovative lines of branded cosmetics Spa and Nature, are among the brands quality ‘, formulated with extreme attention to safety, using the active ingredients in the formulation, in adequate concentrations, able to ensure the actions asserted.


Since 1986, when DERMASIN was set up, I have been devoting myself to promote the idea of  “Natural Active Cosmetics”, containing active principles and an effective concentration as well, right to guarantee the skin care products praised action. Unfortunately, in cosmetics field it does not often happen and active ingredients are only used as a marketing claim.
A good cosmetic containing a considerable active principles concentration, must give the promised results in 30-60 days. As, once applied to the skin, it should give the right protection just making the active principles moisturize and nourish the skin. If a cosmetic contains a low active ingredients concentration, the product immediately evaporates, drying up the skin providing it no health benefits at all. Another important aspect is the selection of raw materials, containing very high standard of pureness, in according to Countries Pharmacopoeia or  the United States USP.
The first and very important step for a producer is the selection of  raw materials just for getting a good skin care product.

DERMASIN pays great attention to quality, effectiveness and safety of its own skin care products:
Composition carefully tested and formulated by a highly qualified team.
Selection of the greatest pureness and absolute quality active principles, using  toxicologically tested ingredients.
An effective and great concentration of active principles, right to guarantee their action.
Compliance with European Union Laws and regulation.

Massimo Sindaco took his degree from the University of Pharmacy in Bologna, Italy, on February 25th 1982. In 1986, thanks to his great experience in cosmetic, both production and research, he came up with Dermasin Ltd. Laboratories, placed in the industrial area of Collepasso, a small village near Lecce, and started producing thermal water care cosmetic lines for many Italian Thermal Spas.
In 1993, according to market changes and customer requirements, he created his own skin care products, “Terme e Natura” and later a new cosmetic line as well “Salentum I Profumi”. Finally, three years ago, he set up the Health Spa Resort “Villa Cesarea” in Santa Cesarea Terme.

Dermasin it takes its place among the leading firms of PRIVATE LABEL, in the cosmetics sector, by using raw materials with higher standards of quality and with the usual concentrations that justify its praised effect.

Massimo Sindaco Massimo Sindaco